Choosing the Right Outfit While Doing Yoga Exercises - Cosmolle


Yoga exercises are a lot of fun, they don't make you scream from pain and promise a perfect figure as well. The best part about yoga is that you get to work on your physical health, such a strong gut and strengthened muscles. However, many women feel a hindrance while doing yoga exercises.

This is usually because of the wrong clothes they wear. Even if they purchase the yoga sets, they don't work out properly for them. That's why we are sharing how you can get the best outfits for your yoga sessions that look cute and keep you functional.


Whenever you have to buy something for your yoga sessions, make sure there’s no compromise on the comfort. That's because even if you purchase something that looks good on the surface only, it won't let you move around easily.

On the contrary, when you choose brands like Cosmolle, that's something you won't have to worry about. This is because they have chosen extremely soft materials for their clothes that feel like butter on your skin. Even more, they don't feel like a burden on the body.


This is the second most important thing that you've to remember while purchasing sports bra and shorts set. That's because if you don't have breathable clothes, your skin might end up in rashes because there is a lot of moisture because of working out (yes, even during yoga).

For this reason, you've to ensure that the clothes are made from breathable materials. For instance, Cosmolle is using recycled nylon and polyester materials, which promise breathability for summer season. In addition, you won't have to worry about the clothes getting torn very easily.



If the activewear leggings aren't letting you work out in peace, this means they lack the functionality. To illustrate, if you cannot try out some yoga poses because the clothes you're wearing are restricting you, causing functionality issues.

This is why it's important to choose clothes with higher functionality. For example, with Cosmolle, they have added thumbholes in the tops with long sleeves. This feature ensures that sleeves won't budge from their place.



It would be an understatement to say that choosing the right size of yoga clothes will change your entire experience.

In case the clothes are too tight or too loose, you will lose focus from the workout. That's because you will be busy fixing the clothes.

The good thing is that all the clothes available at Cosmolle are true to size, promising no issues with fitting. As long as you're checking the size chart for measurements, you won't have the fitting errors.

Now, which of these clothes do you think you'll choose for the yoga sessions?